Pure Heart

Two hears, one completes the other, combined in the eternal existance of the pure white marble Thasos.


Made of Marble Thasos –  extra white selection, the world famous pure-white marble, and one of the most expensive marbles in Greece.
The cut is done with waterjet technique. The selection is done in order to avoid any single spots, which results in an even pure white product.



All Chatzisavvas packaging is unique and special because they are made entirely by hand, attentive to every detail: paper selection, finishes, rotogravure.
The cardboard and the paper is recycled. The packaging protects and highlights the objects through the high design and high quality materials.

Give it to your beloved ones. It can also be used as a decoration item in offices, living rooms, tables or as wedding gift.

Price includes handmade packing.



H σχεδιαστική ομάδα του Chatzisavvas Design δουλεύει πάνω σε μίνιμαλ και μοντέρνα σχέδια, με κύρια υλικά φυσικά πετρώματα όπως μάρμαρο Θάσου, Καβάλας, Βόλακα και σχιστόλιθο Καβάλας. Τα σχέδια συνήθως έχουν χαρακτήρα διακοσμητικό μικρού και μεσαίου μεγέθους.